Minecraft将停止支持安卓4.4及其更低版本和Fire TV


Players on older operating systems and devices – your attention please!
守在老设备上的玩家们 – 可要注意了!

To continue to ensure that we can devote our resources to the platforms where most of our miners and crafters are playing, we’re ending support for certain older devices and platforms where Minecraft is available. Effective in June 2021,Minecraft will no longer be updated or supported on FireTV Gen1, FireTV Gen2, and Android KitKat OS v20 and below.
为了确保可把资源投入到大多数玩家所使用的平台中,我们将不再支持一些老设备。从2021年6月份开始,Minecraft将不会给第一代和第二代FireTV ,以及Android KitKat OS v20(安卓4.4及其更低版本)继续提供更新和支持。

Players on affected FireTV and Android OS who have a Realms subscription will be able to continue accessing their Realm from affected devices until they choose to update it on a different device. Multiplayer will only work between devices on the same version. On Android OS, if you are able to update your device to Lollipop or higher, you will continue to receive updates.

If you’re playing on any of these devices, after June 2021, you can continue to play Minecraft, you can keep building in your world, and your Marketplace purchases (including Minecoins) will continue to be available. If you have signed in with a Microsoft/Xbox Live account, your Marketplace purchases & Minecoins and your Realms subscription will be available on other platforms.
如果继续使用上述设备,则2021年6月后你依然可继续进行游戏,市场内容和Minecoins也照常可用。但如果登录了Microsoft/Xbox Live账号(此处包括退出重新登录/首次安装/清除数据等情况),那请在其他平台上继续使用你的市场已购内容,Minecoins和Realms订阅。

If you would like to move your world from this device to another device, you can do so by uploading the world to a Realm and downloading a backup onto your new device. You can also transfer your world files off the device directly by followingthese instructions.
如果你想迁移存档,可以直接把存档上传至Realms,然后在新设备上下载下来。 也可以按照此说明传输存档。

If you have been playing Minecraft Realms subscription on one of these devices and would like to request a refund after June 2021, please contact the support teams for the store applicable to your device:

Android(OS 20 ‘KitKat’ and below)

Amazon(FireTV First and Second Generation or Kindle devices impacted by Android OS)