我的世界基岩版 1.16.220 发布 拿盾牌的生物现在把盾牌放在副手

Welcome to the Minecraft 1.16.220 release! This update focuses on bug fixes, as well as some new tools for map makers. We hope you enjoy it!
欢迎来到Minecraft 1.16.220更新!这次更新注重错误修复,并为地图创作者增添了一些新工具。希望您能喜欢这次更新!
Please report any bugs you find onbugs.mojang.comand post feedback tofeedback.minecraft.net.
欢迎来bugs.mojang.com报告你所遇到的任何bug,以及来feedback.minecraft.net. 发表反馈。


  • Dye can now be used to change the color of sign text
  • 染料现可用于更改告示牌文字的颜色。


Known Issues:
  • Players are unable to see and join LAN sessions on Xbox without on Xbox Live Gold subscription
  • 玩家没有Xbox Live金会员订购时,在Xbox无法发现并加入局域网游戏。
  • Paintings appear invisible when placed (MCPE-121718)
  • 当画被放置后会变得不可见。


Performance / Stability
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • 修复了几个在游戏中可能出现的崩溃问题。
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to rename a map on an anvil while its second slot was occupied (MCPE-112905)
  • 修复了当铁砧第二格有物品时,对地图重命名会导致游戏崩溃的问题。
  • Fixed a crash when entering a Nether Portal and throwing a Bottle o’ Enchanting at the same time (MCPE-114793)
  • 修复了当进入下界传送门时同时丢掷经验瓶会导致游戏崩溃的问题。
  • Improved input latency on Windows 10 when VSYNC is enabled (MCPE-98861)
  • 修复了在Win10系统VSYNC开启时的输入延迟问题。


  • Fixed fog in Nether biomes not rendering properly in some Resource Packs (MCPE-111680)
  • 修复了部分资源包中,下界生物群系渲染不正常的问题。
  • Players with Visitor permissions now drop inventory on death (MCPE-47563)
  • 访问者权限的玩家死亡时现在会正常掉落物品。


  • Fixed Drowned holding tridents backwards during attack (MCPE-118213)
  • 修复了溺尸在战斗时反方向持有三叉戟的问题。
  • Drowned will now swing their arms when throwing tridents
  • 溺尸在扔三叉戟时现在会摆动手臂。
  • Zombie, Zombie Villager, Husk, Pillager, and Vindicator now use correct bone to attach shields (MCPE-98606)
  • 僵尸,僵尸村民,尸壳, 掠夺者,卫道士拿盾牌的位置正确了。
  • Mobs that pick up shields now place it in their off-hand
  • 拿盾牌的生物现在把盾牌放在副手。
  • Non-persistent mobs no longer despawn immediately after loading into the Nether
  • 在进入下界后,非永久的生物不会立刻消失了。


  • Projectiles now pass through Structure Void blocks (MCPE-103579)
  • 弹射物现在能穿过结构空位了。
  • Improved placement rules for placing blocks on sides of stairs, slabs, and Top Snow blocks
  • 改进了在阶梯、台阶和顶层雪两侧放置方块的规则。
  • Pistons and Sticky Pistons no longer appear black when Outline Selection is disabled (MCPE-53858)
  • 修复了禁用轮廓选择后,活塞和粘性活塞变黑的问题。


  • Enabled screen narration with touch input on the new achievements screen
  • 在新的成就页面启用了屏幕旁白和触控输入。
  • Fixed a bug where the screen reader didn’t read out default controller focus and checkbox state on the ‘Online Play is not Rated’ prompt
  • 修复了在“在线游戏未分级”界面,屏幕朗读器无法阅读默认控制器焦点和复选框状态的问题。
  • Fixed a bug where the screen reader would read the wrong text while using VR
  • 修复了在使用VR时,屏幕朗读器阅读错误文字的问题。


User Interface
  • Enabled “Find Friends” button on Xbox
  • 启用了Xbox的“寻找朋友”按钮。
  • Controllers are now able to select the “Button Mode” toggle in the Advanced Settings NPC screen in the Jurassic World pack (MCPE-66446)
  • 使用控制器时,可以在侏罗纪世界包中的高级设置NPC界面选择“按钮模式”开关。
  • The “Results” field for search within the marketplace inventory now updates properly between different sections within the screen
  • 市场内的“搜索结果”区域现在能在屏幕的不同部分之间正常更新。
  • The death screen is now visible when behind full-screen effects (on fire, standing in a portal, etc.) while playing in VR
  • 使用VR游玩时,死亡画面在全屏特效的背后可见了。(如着火,站在传送门上等等)
  • Fixed translucent rendering of occluded UI elements, also when viewing menus near blocks while playing in VR
  • 修复了用VR游玩时在方块附近查看菜单时UI半透明渲染问题。
  • Selecting the featured offer on the profile screen now properly redirects to the complete list of featured offers
  • 在个人资料界面选择特色推荐时能正确地重定向到特色推荐的完整列表。
  • Made the Sign In button text fit the button in Portuguese-BR
  • 登陆按钮文字为葡萄牙语(巴西)时能适配按钮尺寸。
  • The Storage menu on now uses lighter text color
  • “存储”菜单的文字颜色更明亮。
  • Fixed an issue where button textures weren’t scaled properly when applying Resource Packs
  • 修复了当应用资源包时,按钮材质尺寸不正确的问题。
  • Enabled navigating to the Back button using only keyboard in some screens where it was not possible
  • 在部分界面,可以仅用键盘来实现返回操作。


  • Entity selectors no longer allow self-selection with cheats disabled (MCPE-92635)
  • 当作弊关闭时,实体选择器不再允许选择自己。
  • The ‘/clear’ command will now apply the correct “data” argument for the sapling item (MCPE-117889)
  • ‘/clear’ 命令的data参数能正确地应用在树苗上。
  • Command blocks in a command block chain will now list the correct amount of ticking areas when a new ticking area is added before listing
  • 当一个新的加载区域在被列出前加入时,在链中的命令方块会列举正确的加载区域数量。
  • Title command no longer duplicates % symbols in message (MCPE-51033)
  • Title 命令不再在一个信息中输出多个%符号。
  • Using teleport with the execute command now uses the dimension of the origin for its operations (MCPE-44104)
  • /tp 命令会使用命令执行者的维度。


Character Creator
  • Steve’s Pants no longer change the color of the bottom of feet when no footwear is equipped
  • 当没有穿戴鞋时,Steve pants不再会使脚底的颜色改变了。
  • Fixed other players appearing as Steve in multiplayer
  • 修复了多人游戏中其他玩家皮肤会变成Steve的问题。
  • Changing skins while in split-screen now properly saves for all local players and update properly for remote players
  • 在分屏时修改皮肤能为所有本地玩家正常保存,并为远程玩家在线更新。
  • Alex’s shirt no longer looks corrupted when equipped with different pants
  • 当穿着不同裤子时,Alex 的衬衫不会显得破烂了。
  • “Hooray!” emote will now display in the emotes section if already owned (MCPE-111165)
  • “好耶!” 表情如果已拥有则会正常显示了


For Map Makers and Add-On Creators:
Updated Template Packs
  • Updated templates for 1.16.220 with new resources, behaviors, and documentation are available for download
  • 为1.16.220更新的资源包、行为包和文档的模版已可供下载。
    • Resource Pack Template:aka.ms/resourcepacktemplate
    • 资源包模版aka.ms/resourcepacktemplate
    • Behavior Pack Template (Includes documentation):aka.ms/behaviorpacktemplate
    • 行为包模版aka.ms/behaviorpacktemplate
Technical Changes and Fixes
  • Renamed all references of Actor to Entity
  • 将所有Actor的引用重命名为Entity
  • Renamed ‘BlockPos’ to ‘BlockLocation’
  • 将 ‘BlockPos’ 重命名为’BlockLocation’
  • Added ‘startSequence’ to GameTest, which allows finer control over advanced test sequences
  • 为 GameTest 新增 ‘startSequence’ ,允许对测试序列进行更好的控制。
  • GameTest sequence callbacks no longer take test as a parameter as the initial test object now lives as long as the whole test
  • GameTest 序列不再将test作为回调参数,因为初始测试对象和整个测试的生命周期一样长。
  • Updated Behavior Packs to require explicit module dependencies when using other native modules
  • 更新了行为包,使用其他本地模块时需要明确定义其依赖关系。
  • Identifiers within “render_controllers” will now be considered content errors if there is no render controller matching that name
  • 如果没有匹配的渲染控制器名称,“render_controllers”中的标识符将会被判定为内容错误。
  • Entity json before version 1.16.100 will no longer give a content error for the deprecated field “minecraft:foot_size”
  • 1.16.100 之前的实体json将不再给废弃字段 “minecraft:foot_size” 提供内容错误信息。
  • modified condition in ‘trident.animation_controllers.json’ to allow mobs to enter  ‘wield_third_person_raise’ (MCPE-118213)
  • 修改了 “animation_controllers.json” 中的条件,来允许生物进入“wield_third_person_raise”。
  • Fixed an issue where loading into a world would cause continuous MoLang errors around “unhandled request for unknown variable”
  • 修复了加载至世界会导致反复的“未知变量的未处理请求”这条molang错误的问题。
  • A black screen no longer covers the player icon in the pause menu in some worlds. Content creators no longer need to override both focus_border_frame.png and pause_screen_border.png for correct behavior
  • 在一些世界中,暂停菜单中玩家图标不会被黑屏覆盖了。内容创作者不再需要覆写 focus_border_frame.png 和 pause_screen_border.png 来保证表现正常了。
  • Items can now have the “transparentattachable” tag applied to make attachable items not render for the player wearing them in the first person perspective
  • 物品能应用 “transparentattachable” 标签,来使戴着它们的玩家在第一人称视角不渲染可附加物品。
  • Fixed an issue where V2 Villagers were not properly updating their MoLang variables on initialization
  • 修复了V2村民在初始化时不会更新它们的 molang 变量的问题。


Updates to GameTest Framework
GameTest 框架更新
  • Updated Blocks shorthand helpers to be camelCase
  • Blocks快捷帮助更新为驼峰式大小写。
  • Updated Blocks shorthand to only include vanilla blocks
  • Blocks快捷指令现只包括原版方块。
  • Added Blocks.get to fetch a block and return null if it doesn’t exist
  • 增加了Blocks.get函数来获取方块,当不存在时返回null.
  • Added BlockStates to enumerate all block states
  • 增加了BlockStates来列举所有方块的状态。
  • Added setState to Block to update its block state
  • 增加了setState来设置方块的状态。
  • Added BlockPos class
  • 增加了BlockPos类。
  • Added ItemStack class GameTest Module:
  • 增加了ItemStack 类 GameTes 模块。
  • Added Tags to enumerate all built-in tags
  • 增加了Tags来列举所有内置标签
  • Updated all methods that took x, y, z position to take a BlockPos
  • 更新了所有用x, y, z坐标的BlockPos函数,使用BlockPos变量。
  • Exposed padding when registering game test
  • 当注册GameTest时,删掉了一些废话。
  • Fixed issue where previous failed GameTest markers still show up in new worlds
  • 修复了过去失败的GameTest仍然在新世界出现的问题。

Movement prediction
  • Fixed projectiles on 3rd-party servers ignoring server movement packets
  • 修复了第三方服务器上的弹射物忽略服务器移动数据包的问题。
  • The server will adjust the player’s fall distance to take into account the client player’s position when a player movement correction or anomaly is detected
  • 当玩家的移动修正或异常被监测到时,服务器会依据玩家的位置来调整玩家的掉落距离。


Network Packets
  • Changed cipher algorithm to AESGCM256 for UDP stream
  • 将 UDP 协议流的加密算法更改为 AESGCM256。



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